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Sea Ranger New Bedford, MA

Vessel Details


On December 15, 1955, Charles J. Tapper Jr. fell overboard. Captain Arnold Fargh threw a life ring to Mr. Tapper, who caught it. The captain ordered the drags hauled in so that the vessel could make a full turn to try to pick up Mr. Tapper, but by the time they were able to do so, Mr. Tapper had lost his grip on the ring. A crew member, Peter Darwin, went overboard with a line tied to his waist, but Mr. Tapper was dead when he reached him.

Name Age
Charles Tapper Jr. 32


At about 4 a.m. on March 11, 1968, the Sea Ranger collided with another fishing vessel, the Bob and Barry, about 28 miles southeast of Block Island. The Sea Ranger sank immediately. The Bob and Barry was not damaged, and the crew rescued Justin McGee, a member of the Sea Ranger's crew. A Coast Guard search, assisted by the Bob and Barry, failed to find Captain John G. Hauser and crew member Richard Retkowski. A third crew member, Gaston McGee of Newport, was rescued.

Name Age
Richard Retkowski
John Hauser

  • Trade Indicator: Fishery
  • Hull Material: Wood
  • Year Built: 1928
  • Ship Builder: Thomaston,ME
  • Owner: Boat Sea Ranger, Inc. Charles Tapper Sr.
  • Previous Owners:
  • Service: Commercial fishing
  • Doc. Issuance Date:
  • Doc. Expiration Date:
  • USCG Doc. No.: 227406
  • IMO Number:
  • Call Sign: WB2774
  • Hull Number:
  • Length (ft): 80.5 ft.
  • Hull Depth (ft): 8.9 ft.
  • Hull Breadth (ft): 19.1 ft.
  • Gross Tonnage: 72
  • Net Tonnage: 23