Lars S. Langedal

of Mariner's Home, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Position: Cook
Age: 40

Lars S. Langedal, 40, was from Great Neck, Long Island, New York. He died on June 12, 1965, when the Anastasia E. sank. Mr Langedal, who was living in the Mariner's Home, had been fishing from New Bedford since 1959. He had just returned from a long vacation visiting relatives on Long Island.

The dragger Anastasia E. was heading out of the New Bedford harbor before dawn when it struck a submerged object east of the Black Rock day beacon and sank. The crew boarded a dory, but the smaller boat was overloaded. Captain Richard E. Sherman ordered the men to get out of the dory and hold on to the sides to lighten it. To lighten it further, he swam to a nearby buoy. A small Coast Guard vessel rescued Captain Sherman and then went to pick up the three men clinging to the dory. Crew members Herbert Spinney and William Stekowsky survived. The cook, Lars S. Langedal, was unable to hold on to the dory and slid under the water. A Coast Guard rescue swimmer tried unsuccessfully to revive him.