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Calixte Joseph Maillet

of New Bedford, Massachusetts
Born in St. Norbert, New Brunswick, Canada
Position: Crew
Age: 60

Calixte Joseph Maillet was born December 4, 1899, in St. Norbert, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of Jude and Cecile Marie Maillet. He was survived by his wife, Azila Celia Marie Jeanne Melanson, four sons, Joseph Calixte Ernest , Walther Edgar, Normand Adelard, Joseph Nelson Andre and daughter Marie Jeanne Elise (Pepin).


On October 28, 1960, Calixte J. Maillet cut his hand when he was struck by a messenger wire while fishing on the schooner Nautilus. He died On November 1 of a coronary occlusion.