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Capt. Alf Josefsen

of Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Position: Captain
Age: 32

Mr. Josefsen was the son of the vessel's owner, Nils Josefsen.

On July 31, 1949, the scallop dragger Ramona sank within three minutes of being struck and ripped in two by the 4,100-ton freighter Evertons in a heavy fog between Asia Rip and the Nantucket Lightship. Seven crew members--Floyd Taylor, Harry Hansen, Frank Foster, Ralph Johnson, Alexander O. Young Jr., Bernard Morrissette, and George F. Perry--clung to wreckage for 45 minutes before being rescued by a boat lowered from the freighter. They claimed that rescue efforts by the captain of the freighter were inadequate, and that crew members said he had been reluctant to search for survivors. Captain Alf Josefsen and crew members Carl Naley and Augustus Robert Carlson were not found.