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Hilbert Hallett

of Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Born in Nova Scotia
Position: Crew
Age: 63

Mr. Hallett had been a fisherman all his life. He was survived by his wife, Mary H. Hallett; a stepson, George Hemmann of Acushnet; and other relatives in Boston and Canada.

On February 2, 1948, Hilbert Hallett, a member of the crew on the scalloper Sea Hawk, was working with William DeGagnon to haul in the dredge when Romeo Dugas, chief engineer, saw the gear was not clearing the rail. He shouted a warning. Mr. DeGagnon jumped clear as the dredge struck the side of the vessel, but Mr. Hallett fell overboard. The crew searched for several hours but was unable to locate Mr. Hallett in the darkness.