Capt. Gilbert Selig

of New Bedford, Massachusetts
Position: Captain

Captain Selig was survived by his wife, Juliette; his 18-month-old son, Ronald; his mother, Melinda Selig; three brothers, Standford, Farish, and Donald, all of New Bedford; and four sisters, Shirley and Beatrice Selig and Gladys Brand of New Bedford, and Eliza Burt of Boston.

It was the third loss of life in the Selig family in two years. On January 25, 1946, the wreckage of the dragger E-C was found on Block Island. Captain Farish Selig, Gilbert's father, and Charles Wrisley, his brother-in-law, were lost in that wreck.

The St. Anthony ran out of gas and was anchored south of Tuckernuck Island, Nantucket. The vessel carried an extra supply of gas, but it had leaked and was empty when the crew tried to use it. Captain Gilbert Selig and Engineer Charles U. DeManches put out in a 15-foot dory for Martha's Vineyard with a barrel to be filled with gas when they reached Martha's Vineyard. The men were tossed from the dory by the pounding surf and drowned. Their bodies were found on Edgartown South Beach on March 23.