Andrew Parisi

of South Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Position: Crew
Age: 25

Andrew Parisi, known as Andy, had just turned 25, and this was his third fishing trip. He had just gone below decks to warn crew member Gary Shannon of danger when the ship sank.

On September 18, 1990, the Coast Guard cutter Tamaroa came to the aid of the disabled scalloper Aristocrat 30 miles southeast of Nantucket. Tamaroa launched a boat, but before the crew reached Aristocrat, the scalloper flipped over, capsized, and sank. Coast Guardsmen rescued nine crew members who were thrown clear of the ship, but two men--Andrew Parisi and Gerry Shannon--were lost. Mr. Parisi had gone below to warn Mr. Shannon just before Aristocrat sank. The survivors were Darrell DeSousa, Zephrin Hall, Alfred Santos, and Richard Smith, all of New Bedford; Captain Frank Speigal of Lewis, Delaware; John Mahoney of Cape May, New Jersey; and Derek Pierzchalski, Zbigniw Zablocki, and Robert Sarzynski of New Britain, Connecticut.