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Ronald J. Foley

of New Bedford, Massachusetts
Position: Engineer
Age: 56

Ronald A. Foley was survived by his widow,  Arlene Foley, a stepson, Thomas Quintin and stepdaughter Judith (Quintin) Pasquill. Mrs. Foley had been widowed in 1952, when her first husband, Wilfred Quintin, died in the sinking of the Paolina. Mr. Foley had been a member of the crew of the dragger Nine when it sank in January 1973 and was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter.

The dragger Eugene H. was fishing on Georges Bank when she was rammed by the Grand Justice, a 494-foot Liberian merchant ship, at 10:15 a.m., in heavy fog. The Grand Justice picked up two crew members, Francis Tripp, 55, of 307 Converse Road, Marion, and First Mate Bernard Mosher, of Canada. Four other crew members--Captain Lars A. Larsen, Engineer Maynard McCartney, Ronald J. Foley, and Edward P. Gleason Jr.--died. The Grand Justice radioed the Coast Guard at 12:43 p.m. that she had struck the dragger amidships and that the vessel had sunk. The Coast Guard cutter Alert and the buoy tender Hornbeam searched the area and were joined by helicopters when the fog cleared. The Coast Guard found Mr. Gleason's body, but not those of the other three men who died. The accident left ten children fatherless.