Karina T. Philidelphia, PA

Vessel Details


The trawler Karina T. went missing during a storm that extended from North Carolina to New Jersey, causing $100 million in damage. Two Coast Guard vessels and two airplanes searched the coast for the Karina T. and another missing boat, the Sonya, but neither ship was found.

Name Age
David Grodem
Andrew Thorne
Rolf Holberg 54
James Barron
Karl Jorgensen
John McGhie Jr. 38

  • Trade Indicator: Fishery trawler
  • Hull Material:
  • Year Built: 1954
  • Ship Builder: Benna, VA
  • Owner: Karina T. Corp., NJ
  • Previous Owners:
  • Service: Commercial fishing
  • Doc. Issuance Date:
  • Doc. Expiration Date:
  • USCG Doc. No.: 268897
  • IMO Number:
  • Call Sign: WG2207
  • Hull Number:
  • Length (ft): 73.3 ft.
  • Hull Depth (ft): 8.1 ft.
  • Hull Breadth (ft): 20.2 ft.
  • Gross Tonnage: 81
  • Net Tonnage: 55