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Timothy Hogan

of Acushnet, Massachusetts
Born in New Bedford, MA
Position: Crew
Age: 21

Timothy Hogan came from a long line of fishermen.  His father Ambrose emigrated from Newfoundland and fished all of his life.

Timothy was survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Hogan; his grandmother, Mrs. Edward F. Bruce; and his nine siblings, Celiene Saraiva, Mary Hogan, Marcia Thomas, Thomas Hogan, Catherine Hogan, Ellen Hogan, Ambrose Hogan Jr., Maureen Hogan, and Lynn Hogan; all of New Bedford.

He was engaged to be married to Miss Bernadette Gonsalves at the time of his death.


On November 30, 1977, the Navigator left New Bedford for a ten-day trip in the waters east of Nantucket. That night, the scalloper made radio contact with the Oceanic, near the Great Round Shoal channel. The Navigator was never heard from again. The ship was reported overdue, and the Coast Guard began an extensive air-sea search on December 12 over 104,000 square nautical miles. The weather had been cold and snowy, with winds up to 40 knots and fifteen-foot seas. The Coast Guard ended the search on December 17, without finding the vessel, a life raft, or any of the thirteen crew members.

On January 8, 1978, an Italian fishing vessel recovered the body of crew member Richard W. Neild, 90 miles south of Martha's Vineyard.